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Made in Pleasant Valley, NY

Berry Bissap's Bissap is a hibiscus tea made with West African hibiscus and authentic indigenous spices that are organically grown and ethically sourced from Northern Africa.  Bissap is a popular West African beverage that originated from Senegal and has become a top beverage staple in all of West Africa. 

Berry Bissap's original Bissap is simple, delicious, and authentic to the west African classic originating from Senegal: Organic and ethically sourced hibiscus flowers blended with our in house authentic West African spices. Enjoy chilled in the summer months with your favorite sparkling water, prosecco or garnishes. Also, you can enjoy it warm on the stove in your dutch oven or in your slow cooker with your fruit of choice, whole spices, and spiked too!

Founded by Akua Kyerematen Nettey in 2019

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